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Tensions high in Brazil ahead of Rousseff impeachment vote

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Brazilian lawmakers on Sunday are casting votes to decide if President Dilma Rousseff should face an impeachment trial, with arguments between rival camps in and outside of Congress taking on an increasingly bitter tone.

Emotions have been running high since the impeachment proceedings began in the lower house on Friday, with MP’s going so far as to accuse each other of being “thieves” and “coup-plotters”.

Meanwhile, the unprecedented levels of vitriol between pro- and anti-impeachment demonstrators rallying outside government buildings in the capital have sparked fears of violent clashes, resulting in a metal wall being installed to keep the opposing sides safely apart.

If 342 of the lower house's 513 lawmakers vote in favour of the impeachment on Sunday, the proceedings move to the Senate, where a separate vote could suspend Rousseff and hand over the top job to Vice President Michel Temer.

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