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Snake bites Thai man's penis while he's using toilet

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A Thai man is recovering in the hospital after a 10-foot python slithered its way through some plumbing and bit his penis while he was using a squat toilet in Bangkok.

"The man wrestled with the snake for 30-minutes before prying its jaws apart."

Attaporn Boonmakchuay, 38, told Thai TV Channel 7 about the 30-minute struggle he had to endure to remove the snake from his genital area. According to Boonmakchuay, he had to tell his wife to get the neighbor for help. His wife tied a rope around the snake while Attaporn slowly pried its jaws apart, according to the AP.

Emergency workers were called in to dismantle the squat toilet and remove the snake that was inside the bathroom plumbing.

Attaporn appeared to be all smiles during his interview in the video, but we all know this was a close call.

Doctors say he is lucky that the bite didn’t puncture his urinary tract. They said he should fully recover as long as the wound doesn’t get infected.

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